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🌟 Introducing TempCity Season 2: Dubai Dreams! 🏜️🌆

On December 1st, 2023, witness TempCity morph into a virtual Dubai oasis. Come and visit the desert's unique survival experience, in this GIANT City! The other biomes are of course accessible. 🔥 Explore our diverse servers, including:

💰 • TempCity: Seasonal survival with economy and many other features to enjoy. Season ends in early May-June 2024.
💀 • Semi-hardcore mode (16m20s temporary ban on death).
🎨 • Creative
🎲 • Minigames: Skyblock, oneblock, skygrid.
⚔️ • PVP: Battle friends and foes during server restarts and anytime.
⛰️ • SuperiorSkyblock: Embark on a large Skyblock island.
🪜 • Parkour: Maps change for added excitement!

➪Our server includes multilingual features, and we are looking for English and Spanish-speaking members to join our team.

The server is whitelisted and accessible via JAVA, Bedrock & MCPE

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/CRw8fjefH7